Oakridge Cemetery

Oakridge Cemetery

Oakridge Cemetery is a “beautiful old cemetery” located on a high hill outside of New Zebedee:

It was full of elaborate gravestones that showed weeping women leaning on urns and Cupids extinguishing torches. There were pillars made to look as if they had been broken and pillars with hands on top, pointing up. .. The cemetery stood atop a high, flat-topped ridge that rose just on the other side of Wilder Creek. You had to walk half a mile beyond the city limits and cross the creek to get to the road that ran up the ridge [The House with a Clock in its Walls; 64; 82-90].

On Halloween night during his first year living in town Lewis Barnavelt and his friend, Tarby Corrigan, meet at midnight in the cemetery to try some of Lewis’ uncle’s magical spells. At an unsuspecting mausoleum Lewis recites a spell that raises the dead – which later backfires on the Barnavelts.

Lewis and Rose Rita later attempt to cross through the cemetery to find a way out of New Zebedee when an ancient musical spell encloses the town and prevents people from coming in – and, worse for Lewis and Rose Rita, prevent people from leaving. It is here the two come across a strange statue of a woman in a cloak with a hood over her head that grows grotesque the more they try to flee the enchanted grounds [The Doom of the Haunted Opera; 63-9].


Originally developed in 1839, the Oakridge Cemetery property is 65 acres in size and composed of four developed sections. Oakridge Cemetery has approximately 11,000 burials and is one of the oldest and historic operating cemeteries in Michigan. Each October since 2000 a walking tour called "If These Stones Could Talk..." takes place, featuring actors portraying significant people from Marshall's past at his or her's grave site.

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