Sarah Channing

Sarah Channing

The slightly tomboyish Sarah Channing made her debut in 1996's The Hand of the Necromancer, making her the first regular character created entirely by Brad Strickland.

Her star shone bright in Hand when she became Johnny Dixon's sidekick andright-hand woman during long-time friend and series regular Fergie Ferguson's temporary absence. However after Sarah valiantly helped Johnny face Mattheus Mergal, her role diminished somewhat with Fergie's return in The Bell, the Book, and the Spellbinder. By book's end she is left to monitor activity in Duston Heights while the regular players in the Dixon series take off on another adventure through New England. Sadly, Sarah is completely left out of Strickland's third Dixon book, The Wrath of the Grinning Ghost, in which she and her parents are said to be on an extended vacation to England.


"John had not indicated that he was going to create a major character for the Dixon series but that he was going to 'stir up the mix' with a girl who would become a friend of Johnny and Fergie," Strickland said in April 1996, months before the release of Hand. "He probably would have invented [a girl] for this book or the next."

Similarities to Rose Rita Pottinger, Lewis Barnavelt's best friend, immediately come to mind as one wonders if Strickland is trying to capture a comparable dynamic in the Dixon series. "I do like Rose Rita a lot myself, and she's a great character. I created Sarah to be a little like her - but a little different, too."