Moote family

Mephistopheles P. Moote was a lawyer by trade; he and his wife, Ermine, were also sorcerers determined to bring forth ancient beings known as Great Old Ones from a Red Comet, or star [The Beast Under the Wizard’s Bridge].

Ermine was already a practicing witch and well aware of the secrets of the Red Star when she married Mephistopheles, then a country lawyer. One of Mephistopheles’ clients was Elihu Clabbernong, the great-nephew of Jedediah Clabbernong who had performed the Red Star rites and spells in the late 1800s. Ermine and Mephistopheles were able to coax information about the Red Star from Elihu before his death and then use that knowledge to set their plans in motion, plans that included getting New Zebedee to replace the old iron bridge over Wilder Creek that had kept an evil force in check for close to sixty years [Beast; 106, 149].


  • Ermine is the common name for the stoat, a small predatory mammal also known as the short-tailed weasel. How appropriate that a weasely name is given to the weasely character of Mrs. Moote.
  • Moote seems a derivative of moot (having no practical relevance; i.e. a moot point). In England, the term means something is "subject to discussion", as seen in moot halls and hills.
  • Mull is "to work (over) mentally" (i.e. mull over a thought).
  • Boyd is a Gaelic word meaning "of blond or fair hair."