The Critic

The Critic was a Catholic magazine published by the Thomas More Association in Chicago that provided literary and intellectual commentary on post-Vatican II Catholic issues. This was the journal where the story of St. Fidgeta was first told, beginning Bellairs' career as an author.

  • "St. Fidgeta: Her Life and Amazing Times" - June-July 1965


The Excalibur

The Excalibur

In addition to his teaching duties at Shimer College, John Bellairs found time to continue his writing but contributing two pieces to the student newspaper, the Excalibur. His first article is a review of a student production of Thornton Wilder's The Skin of Our Teeth. For his second article, Bellairs wrote a "book review" for, of all things, the student class catalog.


The National Catholic Reporter

Bellairs contributed a column to the NCR while living in Massachusetts.


The Cambridge Phoenix

Bellairs wrote three humor columns for inclusion in the Phoenix.

  • "Graffiti" - October 9, 1969
  • unknown - October 16, 1969
  • unknown - October 23, 1969
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