The Curse of the Blue Figurine


Little does Johnny Dixon know when he takes a scroll along with a seemingly harmless figurine from the town church that his life will be changed forever. On a bleak and stormy night his friend Professor Childermass relates the tale of the mad Father Baart, whose ghost is said to haunt the church. And when Johnny unthinkingly returns there and accepts a magic ring from a mysterious stranger, he is plunged into a terrifying adventure -- realizing too late that the tale of Father Baart is not just a legend, but the horrifying truth.

"Bellairs intertwines real concerns with sorcery in a seamless fashion, bringing dimension to his characters and events with expert timing and sharply honed atmosphere." - Booklist

About the Book

This is the first book in the Johnny Dixon series, introducing Johnny and Professor Childermass.

Bellairs’ original title was The Ushabti.

The Old Man of the Mountain
The rock formation known as the Hag is based on the iconic symbol of New Hampshire, The Old Man of the Mountain.

Saint Michael's Catholic Church
Johnny Dixon attends services and school at St. Michael’s in Duston Heights, itself modeled after Bellairs’ hometown church.

Battle of Lepanto
Professor Childermass recreates the Battle of his bathtub.


Johnny Dixon
Roderick Childermass
Charles Coote


Remigius Baart


Duston Heights, Massachussets


Magic ring
Gold coin