The Story So Far

Anthony Monday seriesWhen Anthony Monday and Miss Eells find J. K. Borkman's diary, they think it contains the ravings of a lunatic. But soon violent hailstorms and blizzards rage across the land, and they must accept the frightening words: Borkman's son, carrying on his father's work, intends to turn into an icy wasteland. As the final blizzard explodes, they confront the evil Anders Borkman deep inside his father's tomb. How can they defeat such a formidable enemy -- and is there still time?

The Dark Secret of Weatherend (1984), by John Bellairs, is the second book in the Anthony Monday series.



"Wit, courage, occult knowledge, and Roman Catholic ritual blend pleasingly in a well-plotted juvenile with interesting characters...." - Fantasy Review



Miss Eells and Anthony started walking. The road was a pale ribbon in the starlight, and all round them the shadows of trees and bushes seemed to close in and hover over them. The silence was unnerving. Anthony would have been glad to hear the sound of a car passing on the road beyond the wall, or wind in the trees, or even the hooting of an owl. But there was nothing, nothing but the sound of their footfalls on the gravel.

Finally Anthony saw the dim outline of the main gate.

"Hey, Miss Eells!" he yelled, waving his arm. "Look!"

"Great!" she muttered. "Now all we have to do is find a weak spot in the wall. Maybe over there --"

Miss Eells never finished her sentence. She heard a noise, an odd rustling. Fearfully she peered off to her left and saw, by the side of the road, a heap of dead leaves. And though no wind was blowing, the leaves were stirring uneasily. As Anthony and Miss Eells watched, the leaves began to whirl and spin.

"Run, Anthony!" yelled Miss Eells suddenly. And with that they were off, racing across the grass. The rustling behind them rose to an angry whirring. Miss Eells and Anthony ran faster, blindly, into the dark. Now they saw looming before them the great black shadow of the wall that surrounded the estate, and turning sharply to the right, they began to run alongside it. More dead leaves began to stir. As he went pounding along, full speed, Anthony saw a leaf rise up and fly at his face. It brushed his cheek, and he gave a wild yell. The leaf had cut his cheek. He felt the sticky wetness of blood. Miss Eells cried out, and he knew she must have been cut too.

"Up there, up there!" she yelled, waving her hockey stick as she swerved off suddenly into the shadow of the wall. "Wall's...broken..." She gasped. "Climb it quick. These leaves'll...kill us!"

Without knowing what he was doing or why, Anthony ran off after Miss Eells. In seconds he was totally swallowed up by the darkness. Stumbling against a heap of stones, he fell forward onto his hands and knees. But Miss Eelss had already dropped the hockey stick and was scrambling madly up a broken rocky slope. Anthony pulled himself to his feet and hurled himself up the wall after her. There was the chain-link fence that had been used to patch this part of the wall. And above him, outlined against the starry sky, was Miss Eells. She was peeling off her padded jacket and yelling commands to Anthony. Despite his confusion and fear, he managed to make out what she was saying. He was supposed to throw his coat over the barbed wire at the top of the fence to protect himself when he jumped over it.

But as Anthony began unbuttoning his coat, a sound like a thousand angry bees rose from the darkness below them. A cloud of leaves had turned into a spiraling tornado that surrounded the two of them. Anthony covered his face with his hands and fell to his knees, screaming. There was no escape -- he was going to die.

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