The Story So Far

Lewis Barnavelt seriesLewis Barnavelt and his best friend, Rose Rita, have stumbled upon the strangest-looking house. It doesn't look anything like other houses in their hometown of New Zebedee, Michigan, and the oddest things happen whenever they go near it! At first they hear a persistent drumming, the kind of spooky sound that creeps into your bones and keeps you up at night. And then there are the ghosts that Lewis sees surrounding the house...ghosts of long-dead warriors. What is the story behind this house?

The House where Nobody Lived (2006), by Brad Strickland, is the eleventh book in the Lewis Barnavelt series.



"'s a bit different in some areas, and exactly right in others. All of the characters, the ones that we've all grown to love, are perfect. The dialogue is classic Bellairs-Strickland, too." - Alex De Luca.



"Pele!" Mrs. Zimmermann shouted. “Are you here?”

Darkness hit again like a silent peal of thunder, and Rose Rita felt the whole world vibrate and quiver from the impact. Where was the house? She couldn’t see it any longer. She reached out and felt the cool, reassuring touch of the car. She hadn’t gone blind – the double glow from Uncle Jonathan’s cane and Mrs. Zimmermann’s staff still shone. But the house had vanished. What had happened?

"Who calls my name?"

Rose Rita squeaked in alarm. From the night a figure emerged, an imperious young woman dressed in silky red robes, with her long dark hair streaming, fluttering around her, as though touched by rising hot air. She strode forward. Her face was terrible and beautiful, and her flesh glowed with an inner light, as if fires burned just beneath her skin. Her eyes should have been dark, but the pupils glared like white-hot embers.

Rose Rita felt as if she, as if everything in the world were shrinking to nothing before the fiery anger of the great and fearsome figure standing before them. She felt Uncle Jonathan catch her arm. If he had not held her up, she would have collapsed from awe and despair. How would they, how could they fight this unearthly being?

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