The Story So Far

Anthony Monday seriesAnthony Monday couldn't see why Miss Eells was so excited about the lamp. It was just an oil lamp with pictures painted in blue on its base. Little did they know that the lamp was stolen from an underground tomb. This tomb, planned by the deceased Willis Nightwood, had been scene of the occult rituals. When Anthony lights the lamp, monstrous forces are unleashed -- forces even more terrifying than the resurrected ghost of the evil Mr. Nightwood. Can Anthony and Miss Eells stop this satanic power before it destroys the world?

The Lamp from the Warlock's Tomb (1988), by John Bellairs, is the third book in the Anthony Monday series.



"Delicious shivers, you know?" - Daphne Phillips



Anthony followed Miss Eells down a narrow back hall to a paneled door that stood slightly ajar. Peering in, Anthony saw a tiny room that held a rolltop desk littered with bills and other papers. A floor lamp stood nearby, and beyond it was a set of shelves built into the far wall: The shelves held broken mechanical antiques -- cast-iron banks, clocks, and a couple of music boxes. Pulled up to the desk was a swivel chair, and in it sat something that made Anthony's eyes open wide. At first he thought it was a white plaster statue, a statue dressed in Mrs. Grimshaw's clothes and fitted with a wig that looked like Mrs. Grimshaw's hair. The figure was hunched over the desk and it gripped a pen in its chalky fingers. As Anthony and Miss Eells watched in frozen horror, the strange shape turned and stared at them, and they saw that living human eyes burned in its head. The pale mouth opened, and then the figure dissolved. It fell to pieces before their eyes, and there was nothing left but a sagging empty dress and a whitish powder that ran out across the floor and then lay in a whispering, drifting heap at their feet.

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